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Topic: Bike Lock Scam?
Posted by: Leslie Wilson
Date/Time: 21/10/14 06:55:00

Reposted from Streetbank:

A warning to cyclists.  My husband locked his bike to a bike rack in Richmond yesterday and came back to find a rusty old saddle-less bike locked to his - so he was prevented from removing his bike.

He suspected a scam.  We got a hacksaw and had just about removed the other lock (we were going to leave a note and take the other bike home or deliver it to a police station for safekeeping) when the 'cyclist' returned.

He wasn't remotely surprised or outraged to find us removing his lock; 'apologised' for the problem etc. took his bike and left. 

We are sure that had we left our bike any longer, this young guy would have returned, removed our lock and stolen our bike.  Be warned.

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