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Topic: Re:Re:CRB/DBS checks
Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 10/10/14 13:36:00

From my point of view as this applies to my youngest son, it has absolutely nothing to do with a person's fitness to work with vulnerable people. This checking is being used by all and sundry for what? And hasn't it worked well? Safeguarding boards themselves being found wanting, wholesale abuse of young girls, police and senior social services officers failing the vulnerable at every turn - yes this scheme has really made a difference. This checking has merely spawned an industry all of its very own, the vast majority of people who will get caught in this nonsense about cautions will have made a youthful error of no great importance or danger. This does not make them a menace to society or untrustworthy, but it does blight their employment chances in a desperate time where work is concerned. I've been CRB checked umpteen times, and what does that prove? If you've done something nasty and never been caught then these checks are worthless. 

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