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Topic: CRB/DBS checks
Posted by: Vanessa Smith
Date/Time: 10/10/14 11:09:00

Remove police caution from CRB Checks

Responsible department: Home Office

The government should acknowledge that an individual may sometimes face certain circumstances that will lead him/her into doing something completely out of character. I find it to be unfair to be punished for the rest of his/her life.
this is a very important issue of individual rights and freedoms. Since discussing this issue I am amazed how many people have been affected by this. It is unfair for anyone in the same situation to be penalized for the rest of their lives for a minor mistake made when they were in a very fragile state.
I plead with you to go to to see how many people have been affected by this.
I understand there is a debate going around this subject and hope that the law will change that in the near future. We are facing hard times already to be hindered by some silly mistake.
Please sign this petition to help the many decent citizen affected by this.

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