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Topic: Staveley Road Cherry Blossom
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Posted by: Laura A Morgan
Date/Time: 02/01/20 13:36:00

We are a group of local residents working to safeguard the future of our beautiful flowering cherry trees on Staveley Road. Tree pits can help protect trees from damage. Some of our trees have these, others donít, and most are overgrown. Tidy tree pits make it easier for operatives to avoid damaging tree trunks when mowing.

Would you like to help our trees survive and thrive? Then please join us on Sunday 5th January when we will be meeting on the corner of Staveley Road and Park Road at midday for two hours of tidying tree-pits. We have already completed half the road but we have 91 trees in total so need more help to finish. Please bring your own gloves and tools.

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