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Posted by: Ian Wylie
Date/Time: 19/01/16 14:48:00

Thanks Birna...and Caroline.

I only managed to get to 19 of the 29 - it would have taken a fourth visit to do the other 10 as I spent quite some time at each one. 'Aquarium' - the telephone box fish tank - was an early favourite but I managed to see it on the night before the official opening when it was a relaxed spot with very few people around. It was, as you probably know, later closed off at times because of overcrowding. I also enjoyed Westminster Abbey very much and the general atmosphere in and around a Piccadilly closed to traffic.

But my favourite of all were Les Voyageurs (The Travellers) figures suspended in St James's Square. As it happened, some of them were placed close to the spot where WPC Yvonne Fletcher was shot dead in April 1984. As a young reporter I covered that shooting and spent much of the next 11 days, and nights, in St James's Square reporting on the Libyan Embassy Siege. Two of the 'travellers' in particular appeared, at least to me, to be keeping watch on the place where she fell and her subsequent memorial. So I found that rather poignant all these years later.

Did you have a favourite?

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