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Topic: Re:Lumiere London
Posted by: Ian Wylie
Date/Time: 14/01/16 14:59:00

Full set of photos at:

Well worth a visit over the next four nights to sites at Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Regent Street, Oxford Circus, St James’s, King’s Cross, Mayfair, Trafalgar Square and Westminster.

Have aliens landed in Grosvenor Square? “E.T. phone home.”

Lumiere London Telephone 1

No, it’s ‘Aquarium’.

Grosvenor Square Fish 10

The ‘Elephantastic’ animated installation in Regent Street.

Regent Street Elephant Roars

‘Garden of Light’ in Leicester Square…and still some remain glued to their mobiles:

Lumiere Leicester Square 8

‘1.8 London’ at Oxford Circus along with the illuminated 94 back to Chiswick:

Lumiere London Oxford Circus 2

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