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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Barley Mow pub
Posted by: Patrick N OConnor
Date/Time: 16/01/16 00:42:00

I worked for the Plants when I was 17 years old as an under age barman. I was paid 1 per shift and the Plants did not care about my age, their attitude was that if you could do the job, then you were old enough.

On Saturday lunch time trade, local football teams would meet in the Barley Mow before they played and the place was always packed to the rafters. Typically an order might have been 12 x light ales which cost then 12 x shillings, 60p in todays prices, mind you petrol was something like 5 gallons for a 1.
Phil Plant was a very jealous man (well according to his wife) I never understood why? His wife ran the pub because of his often strange behaviour, drink or not.
The inconsistency regarding the strenght of the spirits was a topic often discussed!
A long long time ago 53 years later.....It was quite a nice pub in most ways

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