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Topic: Re:Parking Ticket Christmas Eve
Posted by: Robin Cox
Date/Time: 08/01/16 21:57:00

As an aside, I got a PCN on my company car last year in Gunnersbury.

It was incorrectly issued because the CEO had misunderstood what was on the residents permit.

SERCO rejected my first informal appeal.

They also rejected my second informal appeal.

I didn't want them to issue a NTO because it would go first to the keeper (lease company), then on to my employer who may have paid the charge and claimed it back from me without giving me the opportunity to challenge it.

I contacted Cllr John Todd and a few days later the PCN was cancelled and SERCO sent me a letter of apology.

It seems to me that the people at SERCO who read representations are incentivised by the number of rejections that they issue.

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