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Topic: Parking Ticket Christmas Eve
Posted by: Dina Potier
Date/Time: 07/01/16 21:10:00


Has anyone got any ideas on if I can continue to contest a parking ticket received on Christmas Eve when the Hounslow website was stating Christmas Eve parking was free of charge?

I challenged the council on the basis the website was saying there would be no charges but the response from the Council has been that the free parking was from 3pm only. They have stated that the signs were displayed saying the bay was for people with a pay & display ticket.

The message on the Hounslow website, which is still online, is copied below, I have no idea why they think Christmas Eve starts from 3pm only.

Christmas Eve 24 December - No charges will be applicable in London Borough of Hounslow controlled paid for parking spaces on-street and in car parks.

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