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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Lost cats....
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 07/01/16 17:56:00

Well done, John, that is fantastic.  If you find any others that HAWS can't help with let me know or contact the Mayhew direct, they have done a sterling job with tnr for cats in Acton that are too feral to be rehomed.  

As for getting a dog, my two rescue dogs are fine with cats, (mine at least although they bark at ones in the street) -  I had them cat tested first, and they are quite young. If you either get a puppy (some rescues do have puppies but be very careful, some so-called rescues of puppies are just a front for puppy farming) or a dog who is cat-tested - the Mayhew will usually cat-test, as will Heathlands Animal Rescue in Royston - you should be fine, although they often stipulate that they will be ok with dog-confident cats - ie ones that don't run away, as dogs, no matter how friendly to cats, can rarely resist chasing anything that runs - but you will have to judge that. Obviously there will be a period of adjustment, I had to keep my latest dog on a long lead in the house until I was sure he could be trusted which took about a week (and of course you have to remember to feed the cats on a surface that the dogs can't reach or all their food will be gobbled :) Good luck.

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