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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Lost cats....
Posted by: Louise Cole
Date/Time: 06/01/16 08:36:00

Tracey, there are feral cat issues in various areas around us.  HAWs are continually "trap, neuter, releasing" and try to bring in kittens for rehoming before they are past socialising.  Feral's are only re-released where there are locals who commit to keep an eye on the health of a colony - B&Q for example have a colony in their gardens at the back, allowed HAWs to trap, neuter and release and committed to keep an eye on them, feed them when needed and let people know if one was ill and needed trapping and treatment.  I can find out if there is a colony that needs support near you if you wish?  Or donations to HAWs as they are the local rescue charity or the Mayhew if you prefer for their programmes would be gratefully received by either.

Also, if you know anyone (probably outside London!) who has land with a barn or shed that can be used to be the centre of a feral community, HAWs do bring in ferals for neutering every year who cannot be released back where they were and we house them until we can find another feral community to set up.  People need to be able to keep the cats contained for a few weeks to ensure they stay in the area, keep that location available as shelter ongoing, feed if needed and keep an eye on them for illness or injury that needs treatment by a vet.

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