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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Lost cats....
Posted by: Tracey Brown
Date/Time: 06/01/16 23:11:00

Why did you buy cats when there are so many in shelters, waiting for a home?  HAWS can't even take any more in, last time I heard. 

I don't know the current figs for euthanisation because of lack of room at rescues and shelters, but this is from a 2012 report by the Companion Animal Psychology site on homeless pets in the UK:

'Sadly, though, the second most common outcome was euthanasia: 13% of cats and 10% of dogs were euthanized. In other words, 13,000 cats and 9,000 dogs were put to sleep. Although some may have been euthanized because of serious health or behavioural issues, it is inevitable that healthy, adoptable animals were euthanized too.

Another major problem was waiting lists, with 62% reporting a waiting list for cats and 44% reporting a waiting list for dogs. On average, the waiting list for dogs was equivalent to a third of the capacity of the shelters, and for cats it was even greater at half the shelter capacity.'

I do not understand why people are still buying cats and dogs. I'm sure the above paragraphs are hardly news to anyone these days.

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