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Topic: Email IMAP account - advice please
Posted by: Julia Evans
Date/Time: 05/01/16 13:46:00

Just wondering if anyone can give me some tech advice while I'm awaiting a response from my ISP.

I have been with my ISP (Easily) for 12 years or so and have had a POP account for my email address during this time.

I have an old small netbook that had as an old copy of Thunderbird on it where my emails download to...but this netbook has now become very unreliable, I think the battery pack is packing up. Plus when the emails have been downloaded I cannot access them so when it eventually gives up I will have no access to the history.

I would like to be able to do two things:
1. To be able to back up/transfer some (not all) of the important historical emails from this pc;
2. To set up a new account - IMAP I think - option, so that I can access my emails at any time on any device without running out of room/memory etc.

I like the Thunderbird interface but am happy to adapt to a new email client if it's necessary or better or just highly recommended.

Any advice or recommendations would be most welcome,
many thanks in advance.

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