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Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 05/01/16 11:44:00

A bit of an over reaction.  I don't believe that the operative will have been trained to give a substandard meal but rather he was tired and fed up and let the Company and his/her fellow workers down.  It happens, not everyone is perfect.

I am not a McD devotee but a word with the manager will sharpen things up.

Many years ago, I was on a course and the evening had gone on longer than usual.  As a result I had missed supper at my hostel so I popped into a Wimpy Bar for something to eat.  I waited and was doing some homework when after half an hour I got up and asked to be served.  No reaction, then a man came over and told me they were not allowed to serve unaccompanied women and they did not so I went home hungry.

A letter of complaint received a reply that the staff had thought I was a prostitute even though I was carrying a brief case and doing my home work.  It gave me a certain amount of pleasure when I learned that they had ceased to operate.

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