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Topic: McDonalds
Posted by: Alison Neary
Date/Time: 05/01/16 09:54:00

Not that anyone from Chiswick would be seen dead in McDonalds but if you do happen to be hungry on the way back from town late at night DO NOT go into McDonalds in Hammersmith and expect a standard meal from them.

On 1st January I was only my way back from NYE celebrations and hadn't eaten since 4pm so thought food would be good idea so popped in and got a Big Mac meal I got home only to find that the chip box was only half filled and the big mac was missing onions, it had only a tiny bit of burger sauce and two tiny pieces of shredded lettuce.

I suspect that they assume everyone is drunk so serve them a substandard meal to save on ingredients and money.

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