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Topic: Re:To all the...
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 01/01/16 11:26:00

I'm sure people that don't have pets don't realise how distressing fireworks are for them.Last night our Border Collie was in a dreadful state, but at least this time he didn't injure himself.I gave him prescription tranquillisers, but he fought them and they had no effect.When all the noise died down, he relaxed and the tranquillisers kicked in.This morning, even now at 11:20 he is so doped up he can't stand.His legs are wobbly and his eyes all bleary.We finally got to bed at around 2:30.Then some bastard, as he does every year, lets of a huge barrage and starts the whole thing off again.At least on New Years eve, fireworks are to be expected but I am getting sick and tired with fireworks now being let off most weekends, and some week nights too.It's almost guranteed now that we will spend every saturday and sunday night trying to calm the dog down.It's high time laws retstricting the use of fireworks were introduced, and policed properly.

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