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Posted by: Andrew Craig
Date/Time: 18/12/15 14:46:00

Right up until the later years of the apollo program, Jodrell Bank telescope (UK)provided received data and telemetry back to US as part of an outsourced deal. Towards the end , the US had built a series of receiving telescopes around the world so they had 24hr access to data. They dropped JB from their monitoring deal  so on the actual apollo landing day itself JB monitored the whole descent of the lunar module as an independent observer (presumably Russia as well) and there is video footage of the UK scientists talking it through and showing their graphs etc which match exactly with the events of the day. ie the module had to blast up a bit to avoid hill crests and they had it all outlined.
Also if Russia had not observed a landing, they would have kicked up an almighty fuss within hours.

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