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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Computer Repair
Posted by: Brian Coyle
Date/Time: 20/11/15 13:10:00

"Steve Bonnici's sockpuppetry is not the result of 'the heat of the moment', as neither is it his bullying. He went on a consistent spree, lasting for years, of using false names for purposes ranging from promoting his own business under false recommendations to abusing other contributors who did not agree with him. He even engaged a local councillor under is 'Martin Newbold' false name in order to further his complaint about some service from the Council.

To this day, he still denies doing anything wrong, even though the evidence is overwhelming and on the fora's search for everybody to see. To me that means he is clearly unrepentant"

"But a bloody nasty and rather oily little git of a sockpuppet.."

So, can someone tell me who Martin Newbold is/was, and exactly what his relationship is/was with Steve Bonnici?

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