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Topic: This cannot continue
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 08/11/15 13:24:00

On LBC at the moment they are discussing the refugee situation again.A short while ago, a man that is now living in England called in.He said that he had left his home in Eritrea and travelled to Italy.From there, he made his way through Europe to Calais.He spent 6 months living in the 'jungle' making repeated attempts to get into Britain in the back of a lorry.He finally got lucky and managed to stay hidden in a lorry that bought him to Dover.He said on the radio that he had now made a claim for asylum, and as soon as that is granted, he will send for his family to join him.He said that as he has an asylum claim going through, he is not allowed to work.He has been given a house (not a room, or a flat) and he is paid benefits every week.Shortly after this man had been on, the presenter took another call from a lady living in Barnet.This lady had always worked but recently had been made redundant.She was not eligible for any help, and so could not pay for her housing, and was evicted, along with her mother who lived with her.The two women went along to Brent council asking to be re-homed.Barnet told them there was nothing they could do for them, and they didn't fit the criteria for council housing.The mother is 73 years old, but nobody wants to help.As a result, the two women are now living in a mini.Their MP (Theresa Villiers) has refused to even speak to them saying she has no say over housing.These 2 women can get no help from anyone.They have worked all their lives paying tax and NI, but when they really need help, they can't get any.How can it be right that a fit young man that enters this country illegally in the back of a lorry gets priority over two British women that have lived and worked in this country their entire lives.The woman said that her mother has numerous health problems and will almost certainly be killed when the cold weather arrives, but nobody cares.I'm all for helping others, but we really must give priority to people like these two women first.It makes me sick the way citizens of this country are treated by their own government

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