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Topic: Car ownership in London
Posted by: Michael Robinson
Date/Time: 25/10/15 17:44:00

Putting aside the merits or not of the Chiswick roundabout scheme, regarding the amount of car parking provided, as mentioned, car ownership and use by Londoners has been declining steadily for the last 10 years or so.  In fact, the majority of households in London do not own a car.

There has been an interesting demographic change in that for all age groups other than the over 60s the proportion of people who have a driving license and own a car is less than the same age group 10 years ago so there are no signs that this trend will reverse.

I know that some people who have a car may find it difficult to comprehend how someone could manage without one, but the reality is the majority of people in London manage perfectly well without a car.

So while the location at Chiswick roundabout won't to be everyone's taste, this location is reasonably well served by public transport with Gunnersbury, Kew Bridge and bus routes nearby, so the lack of car parking spaces won't be an issue for a large number of prospective buyers.

I don't see a Chiswick roundabout  scheme affecting parking in Grove Park and non-resident parking there is more likely to be commuter parking for Chiswick Business Park and the SW Train stations.

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