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Topic: Re:Re:The Canary isles
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 19/10/15 20:32:00

Yes, lots of places but you need to decide if you want to be near nightlife, restaurants, bars etc in the evening.  

There are parts of Lanzarote away from the big centres that are pretty and very unspoilt, but it would be a way to travel to have a choice of restaurants, nightlife, etc.

Similarly with Tenerife - and the North is less spoilt than the South.  I have stayed in remote villas on both islands which were idyllic during the day and there is always great food in local supermarkets to buy to barbecue in the evening by the pool, but if you wanted to go anywhere special in the evening to eat etc it meant a bit of a drive (half an hour to an hour) which is fine as long as one of you doesn't mind not drinking. 

Decide exactly the kind of holiday you want, whether you want hotel or villa (villas can be booked up a long way in advance on Tenerife but the flexibility, privacy and value for money they provide are to me a far better option than a hotel), or if you want nightlife -  and then you just have to do your homework - read travel guides, the web and talk to travel agents (if any still exist :))  

I have had some lovely romantic holidays in the Canaries including five star meals with the sound of the sea beating against the beach in the moonlight some five metres away from the dining terrace...all possible once you decide exactly what you want.

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