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Topic: Re:Re:Obese cats?
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 14/10/15 17:06:00

Mine are all siamese/siamese related and they tend to eat a lot and not put on much weight.  They have three pouches or tins a day of cat food according to their various needs and likes/dislikes (one has pancreatitis, another has Inflammatory Bowel Disease so they need very careful diets to not aggravate the conditions which otherwise could be life-threatening) and I leave Applaws/Katovit/Royal Canin hypoallergenic dry down all the time so they can graze as they want.  Plus chicken or fish or venison as appropriate to their various conditions. 

Some cats put on weight, others don't I guess and what suits each cat is different.  Mine are sick on IAMs and Hills is not a very good product nutritionally.  Also they are not keen on some foods, one, Bozita is supposed to be nutritionally very good but they don't like it.   Know your cat - what suits them (ie doesn't make them sick or give them diarrhoea and what they like);  check out the nutritional values and buy the best you can afford.  I don't agree with any cat looking skinny, unless they are very bored most are unlikely to overeat although I guess like dogs you get some very greedy ones and then you have to watch the food.  You've been around cats a long time Jill, I think if you can broach the subject tactfully with the owners you should.  I try to ensure all food contains no grains or vegs, but it is difficult with what is on offer from most stores.  Zooplus is a good place to order online, great variety and some good foods, but as I have found to my cost they won't always eat the foods that are supposed to be the best!

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