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Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 17/09/15 14:46:00

Great news.According to my latest email from "HMRC" I am due a tax refund of £1632.89.All I have to do is supply them with my bank account and sort code numbers, my passport number and my address and phone number, and they will pay my refund straight into my bank account.I think I must have paid far too much income tax as I seem to be getting a"refund"
virtually every week, which is surprising as I gave up work four years ago.I think it's incredibly kind of the taxman to work so hard to find all these rebates, and then to pay them straight into my account to save me time queuing up to pay a cheque  in.So many people are unkind to the tax man, but I won't have a word said against them.I hope all these refunds show on my next statement !

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