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Topic: Re:Talktalk scam...
Posted by: Fran Queen
Date/Time: 16/09/15 17:03:00

I few weeks' ago, I had a phone call from someone claiming to be from TalkTalk and stating that there was a problem with my broadband.  He wanted to "fix" the problem online.  I asked him if he knew my name and he did, but I still wasn't sure he was genuine.  So I told him I wasn't having any problems and hung up.  When I called TalkTalk to find out if it really was them, they said it was a scam.  But the really worrying thing was the recorded message that I got from TalkTalk while holding for an operator.  It referred to customer details being stolen from them!  I wasn't aware of that, so it's probably how the scammer knew I was a TalkTalk customer.

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