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Topic: A letter from SSE
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 31/08/15 20:27:00

" a change to your monthly direct debit payments. We have reviewed your monthly payments and have found that your monthly payments need to change. We recommend that your new monthly payments should be £21, currently it's £22. Here's how we've worked out your new monthly payment. We expect your annual energy cost to be£229.95. At the moment you have a credit of £470.20 on your account. We expect the cost for the year to be £229.95.. We will be able to collect 10 payments so we've divided the total cost by 10. This means that your monthly payment needs to be £21.00, rounded up to the nearest pound.
We'll take care of everything for you, so you don't need to do anything."
Am I having a senior moment? Is anyone better at maths than I am?

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