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Topic: Re:Re:Car windscreen issues
Posted by: Andrew Craig
Date/Time: 20/08/15 23:50:00

Thats a good idea of Autoglass knowing the source of manufacture if I give them the code. Cost free hopefuly and can give me a start.

I did think initially it might be a screen wash problem from the previous owners choice of solvent but the handbook did not suggest a way of easily emptying the entire system so I decided not to put my own in and just dilute what is already there with water since then. Good point though so I will probably pick up on that , maybe next time it goes to the garage.

I would imagine the blades are standard Halfords or garage/MOT  replacements, there are no markings whatsoever, and I did not run the a/c last winter - I thought it just removes pollen, smells and cools it a bit.

thanks for the pointers

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