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Topic: Car windscreen issues
Posted by: Andrew Craig
Date/Time: 20/08/15 18:17:00

My 7 year old car which I have owned for a year seems to have issues with the windscreen both internal and external.† I only noticed this after a few months when we got into the autumn / winter part of the motoring year and Iím not sure I can go through the same problems again. I am more than happy with the rest of the car but I have never experienced a windscreen like this that seems to never get really get clean († have checked and replaced wipers, have bought and used all the alcohol/fluid type cleaning cloths etc ),† picks up feint scratches even with soft clean cloth washing or† wipe down, and attracts condensation on the inside like nothing else -† on one cold day last year I had a thin sheet of ice on the inside across most of it !† I can buy moisture bags† but I am not sure it will deal with it and most reviews on amazon of those products are so-so. I have found out if a replacement is fitted and they donít get the full air seal with the new glue then moisture laden air can get in, sticks near the screen area and if cold this can create or add to bad condensation problems. In the summer itís mostly Ok but even in rain the first few swipes of the blades just seem to smudge the water into the surface of the glass, then it sort of clears through mostly what looks like evaporation over the next 5 seconds or so.
Is there anyway of finding out if the current fitted screen is OEM ?† It does have a few letters and numbers and a mark at the bottom left† but googling this brings up nothing.† Also googled my make and model and various phrases of windscreen problems but nothing consistent comes up.
if I choose to replace it I donít want to go through insurance,† so this would be out of my pocket† and donít really want to go through the hassle after specifying OEM glass to the replacement company† only to find out days later that the same issues are there and really it looks like the problem is with the OEM after all.

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