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Topic: Re:Refugees in Calais
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 15/08/15 13:13:00

No name changes because they were "too German", Huguenots, Cypriots etc?  No-one from Southern Africa or Ireland?  Just to mention a few. We have a wonderful mix of people living here and until you look more deeply you won't find out.  And people don't just come here - they leave from here as well...

Yes we should be concerned - much more concerned - about what is happening here but not to the detriment of everybody outside the country.  We still need to look at the bigger picture.  The world is a much smaller place now.

When I was small I travelled by boat across the world. Later by prop plane with lots of stops. Today so many places can be reached by non-stop flight. It's incongruous that people can go on holiday to foreign countries and then show no compassion to those escaping from unimaginable poverty and tyranny.


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