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Topic: PCN
Posted by: Robin Cox
Date/Time: 14/08/15 00:47:00

Here are my thoughts:

The PCN was correctly issued.

LBH / Serco had discretion to cancel it based on your
informal appeal but chose not to.

You were planning to appeal it to PATAS.

LBH / Serco won't issue a new residents permit to you because
of your outstanding PCN.

If you appeal this to PATAS based on what you have posted
you will not win because the adjudicator does not have any
discretion - he/she will determine that the PCN was correctly
issued because no valid permit was on display and that LBH
followed the correct enforcement procedure and time scales
unless you can show otherwise.

Just to reiterate, the adjudicator has no discretion.


Check the dimensions of the bay you were parked in with
a tape measure.
If the bay is smaller than the statutory bay size then you
have a case. Please post back if this is true.

I recall the wording on the LBH resident permit application
says that you cannot renew your permit if you have "outstanding
PCNs" (plural)

If you have only one outstanding PCN (singular), then this clause
cannot apply.

So LBH / Serco should not delay issuing your residents permit
because of one single PCN.

Whether other vehicles in your street are ticketed is irrelevant.

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