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Topic: Dilema
Posted by: Jan Porter
Date/Time: 13/08/15 11:29:00

I have an application in to renew my residents parking permit. Just prior to me emailing it to Serco I managed to get a PCN for not displaying my permit (my oh so helpful 5 year old granddaughter had tidied up my dashboard and placed some pay and display tickets into the holder)my initial appeal has been turned down and I had intended carrying on as far as PATAS, I realise there are no technical points but it's ridiculous of Serco who acknowledge I have a current permit to take such a harsh stance. I have now been informed that a new permit will not be issued unless there is an appeal in place, I can't do this until 28 days have elapsed. So, in the meantime, do I just pay the PCN to get my permit issued or pay a fortune in pay and display charges and carry on until I can appeal. AND do I mention that there are on a daily basis 4/5 vehicles parked within the Parking Zone not displaying any kind of permit which never get a PCN placed on them, which shows to me that wardens are either allowed discrection or just cant do their job properly?     

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