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Topic: Hounslow abandons "Appropriation" after 1,400 Objections
Posted by: Victor Mishiku
Date/Time: 13/08/15 11:12:00

On 10th August 2015, Hounslow Council abandoned their Appropriation procedure to breach the Trust established in 1961 that the parkland at Brent Lea be maintained forever as Public Open Space.

The Council promised to maintain the designated land as a Public Open Space in 1961 and at that time there was no way that the Council could escape its responsibilities and dispose of the land for other uses.  During the time of Mrs Thatcher in the 1980s, the law was changed so that a Statutory Trust could be set aside for proper planning purposes (but not merely for profit).

The abuse of open land can be seriously detrimental as has occured in "Upton Court Park" in Slough where the Labour Council there seemed to treat the loss of Green Belt land as being in "revenge" for some historic development in another part of the Borough carried out by a previous administration.

Much of the Park Entrance has been handed over to developers who are building on an otherwise landlocked area of farmland with the result that 1,000 vehicles will now be using what was a quiet tree-lined pedestrian access with only occasional traffic to an owl sanctuary and sports club grounds.

In some instances where there are restrictive covenants, landowners injuriously affected are able to claim Compensation, but most people would prefer to keep the status quo.

People fear that once a Council has breached a Trust or Land Covenant, then a precedent has been established and sooner or later once having tasted blood, they will be back for more.

Victor Mishiku  13/8/15.

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