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Topic: Brent Lea green space must not be appropriated!
Posted by: Victor Mishiku
Date/Time: 01/08/15 19:06:00

As I mentioned on the Brentford Forum, the "Brent Lea Recreation Ground" is a very pleasant and attractive area - really lovely, like a small Park.

The 1961 Conveyance by the Estate of the Duke of Northumberland covered a large area for the building of very many flats (without gardens) and 3 houses with the areas for the Recreation Ground and Parkland clearly designated for Play Areas, Games Courts, Garden Land, etc on the Conveyance Plan.

From some of the surrounding flats, residents can watch their children play in safety and even blow a whistle to call them in for supper!  Children do not have to travel afar to play or cross a public road, so the Public Open Space is a godsend to the residents who live all around the Brent Lea Recreation Ground. Likewise, elderly residents on the estate can enjoy the open space within a short distance from their homes.

This Open Space was promised to be "for ever" and the original Council undertook to observe these terms.  It was only by chance that in the 1980's that Mrs Thatcher allowed a relaxation of the strict Trust Law to permit Councils to break their covenanted promises and trusts.  Sometimes, breach of covenant causing loss of value can result in financial claims against the Council but usually people living near to Parks and Open Spaces that they have enjoyed for decades would prefer peace and quiet rather than damages and having to make court claims and so, when the Council gave this solemn promise in 1961, it was not expecting to be allowed to dishonour it.

At Gunnersbury Park, in addition to the Parkland status, there are restrictive covenants benefiting dozens of houses that back on to the Park and on several occasions the Councils of Ealing and Hounslow have had to be reminded of that fact.  The former Labour MP for Hounslow supported residents and one of the campaigners (Ms Bela Cunha) of the Gunnersbury Park Covenant Group (which I helped set up) was invited to meet the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown at 10 Downing Street to be thanked for her efforts in "saving" the Park.

On Friday, 31st July 2015, no less than 1,390 objections were lodged in a joint Objection from the “Friends of Brent Lea Recreation Ground” along with other letters. These objections were gathered in just 8 days, as the Notices of Appropriation (even if spotted amongst the legal notices in the press) gave little time and were published in the summer holidays period, when many people are away.

I hope that Hounslow Council will reconsider their assault on this cherished and green corner of Brentford which has been enjoyed as a Public Open Space by several generations of local people

It should be noted that if the Parkland was to be appropriated despite the entreaties of 1,400 local residents and visitors to Brentford, then this would immediately render the Park area under threat formally non-usable for Parkland purposes!  The Council should then cease to collect litter or cut the grass as the land would no longer be part of a Public Park!

On the very day that the Objections were lodged at the Council offices, the intended developer has announced that it has found an alternative "brownfield" location for the proposed school development.  But this is not the same as withdrawing the Notices of Appropriation.  The Council should show good faith and now withdraw their Notices of Appropriation forthwith.

Victor Mishiku - "The Covenant Movement" 1/8/15

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