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Topic: Re:Re:Whats with the CAPS ?
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 12/07/15 18:06:00

Thank you John for that.

I knew that all caps sentences decreased the readability. It is noticeable that some companies eg Sainsbury's and Transport for London are particularly good at getting their messages across in their printed material/posters.  Or is it just that their types and sizes of font together with brief messages in their posters suit me?

It is also much easier to read passages such as that in the link that you attached because it has a ragged right-hand margin.  This helps you to keep your place on the line and find the next new line on the left.  Too many documents are made to look good but not made to read easily which is ridiculous if you want to get a point across  Being succinct (unlike me a lot of the time) also helps!

Some people seem to be able to type the odd word in passages in bold on this website.  Not me.

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