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Topic: Re:Re:Fire Doors
Posted by: James Holmes-Siedle
Date/Time: 09/07/15 09:52:00

Paint does work if applied in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations - eg

However - check with your Building Control officer in advance and ask what evidence they require for compliance.

By fire alarms I assume you mean smoke detectors - and in non kitchen rooms they would be in the hallway, and in kitchens and other rooms of risk - in the room. Current regulations demand a mains linked system so if one goes off they all do.

This is life safety stuff - think of people burning in their houses. While some seems ridiculous, if you sleep with your door closed it makes sense as most people just used to take the door closers off.

House fires kill - my advice is not to muck about with those elements that are designed to protect you and your family!

Also consider domestic sprinklers as they have a proven track record of saving lives.


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