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Topic: Re:Re:Fire Doors
Posted by: Colin Wren
Date/Time: 08/07/15 19:24:00

It's highly annoying! I decided not to change my doors as they were the original 1930's panelling type. Why would I swap these for featureless MDF crap? The consequences? I don't get building regulations passed. Fine.

Should I need to sell the house at some point I will gladly go round and replace them all in order to obtain Building Regs should that be a condition of sell. I may well be doing something illegal here I don't actually know. But my original doors look great after being dipped-and-stripped and having a nice varnish of dark chestnut applied!

Something to consider that makes this whole bureaucratic nonsense even more stupid is that you have to install doors with a burn time of 20-30 minutes...

...but you can leave all the doors open without having to install a door spring to keep them closed.

Utterly pointless!

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