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Topic: Re:Re:Hounslow Highways - Dolman Road works
Posted by: Simon Pledger
Date/Time: 06/07/15 23:48:00

Yes, you raise a valid point - I am probably mistaken in thinking that the money earner that is Dolman Rd had no bearing on the decision to do the works at night. I am sure that it would be impossible to divert the 272 and 440 1 street away onto Chiswick High Road, where there aren't any existing stops within 100 yards, and inconvenience the hundreds of people that use the stop on Dolman rd.

The letter (supposedly a Resident Update) was sent on 2nd July - i guess that counts as notified in advance - no prior notification was sent in respect of these works and no consultation was sought - at least as far as I am aware and i also checked with other residents.

I am also unaware that one of the Environmental controls for excessive noise generated by construction works is for all residents to have their windows shut - maybe double glazed aswell. I shall make every effort to take the noise reading indoors but will wait until my child has gone back to sleep to ensure there are no influencing factors. I didn't understand that the obligation was on the noise polluter (sorry 'receiver') to record noise levels internal to the property.

I am particularly enjoying the groundbourne noise and vibration from the 10t roller trundling along outside my property at 12pm aswell.

Thanks for your suggestion to contact Hounslow Highways - I shall certainly consider it. But maybe we shouldn't expect the Council to follow the rules they apply to all other construction works!

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