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Topic: Re:Hounslow Highways - Dolman Road works
Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 06/07/15 23:20:00

I guess it's one of the drawbacks of living on a bus route.  If the works were done during the day, say 8am to 5pm, you'd have to divert 73 buses per day on to the CHR/TGT route which would inconvenience and delay many more "young children, working people, & the elderly" than are affected in Dolman Road this week.

"Works commenced this evening on Dolman Road with no consultation of residents"

But you were notified in advance, I assume?  If not, you should certainly complain to Hounslow Highways.

"noise levels recorded up to 97dBA next to residential properties"

What was the noise level indoors with the windows and curtains closed?

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