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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Stag Beetle
Posted by: James Doggett
Date/Time: 22/06/15 08:53:00

Maybug's are wonderful.
A genuine 'cute' bug. One flew in through the window
a few years ago on a very hot evening in Grove Park. He was fluttering around in the corner smacking into things.

After my initial 'what the hell is it' response, I realised
it wasn't a bitey bugger and when he finally settled in an old Body Shop bag, I got to see him properly. The way he peered out as he clambered up to the edge. . . it was very Disney esque. I watched him for a bit mesmerised but his little flowery antenna and his semi fluffy abdomen. Ha ha. We shared a moment staring at each other. Then I went back to the laptop and let him do his thing. Eventually he disappeared again - keep hoping another one will pop up someday soon!

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