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Topic: Re:Heathrow expansion
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 19/06/15 09:36:00

In last nights E S.
MPs, peers and council leaders have threatened a mass campaign if a third runway is recommended by the Commision.
Organiser Zac G said it would be madness for Sir Howard Davis to propose expansion. We will see a campaign the like you have never seen before.
Justine Greening warned that it is undeliverable.
Boris said a map showing areas that would be hit by noise pollution would electrify the public. "This map shows the full insanity of what is proposed. It would be a disaster for the city. No other city in the western world would dream of doing something so insane"
Ruth Cadbury said Heathrow is the biggest employer in her constituency but local people do not want more noise and pollution.
Tom Brake MP said that it is unsustainable.
Jenny Jones " I think we are going to win this once the public understand the full impact of the air and noise pollution"

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