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Topic: Re:Heathrow expansion
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 18/06/15 20:01:00

Don't relax too much Rima.  There are a lot of people with vested interests, mainly financial, in expanding Heathrow who don't give a toss about the quality of life of the thousands of people not just in West London but far beyond - South West London and further out towards Maidenhead included (I used to wake up in the early hours when the first flights came over noisily over Cookham Dean).  We don't need Heathrow expansion to deliver an efficient and high quality air service to both consumers and business travellers.  If they expand Heathrow, vested interests and greed have won.  I think we will have a long fight on our hands as greedy people are often well-connected and won't hesitate to use those connections.   Don't forget Osborne (as in the one that matters, not the one on the forum) is hugely in favour of Heathrow expansion.

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