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Topic: Parking Challenge
Posted by: John Todd
Date/Time: 27/05/15 06:06:00

I'm elected to represent my Constituents. Part of that role is to hold LBH to account  and to challenge when appropriate.

I also contribute to the Scrutiny process and attend meetings involving Members from other boroughs seeking best practice.

Cllrs are advised they cannot intervene in PCN matters as they are quasi-judicial matters. I respect that advice. However on infrequent occasions when either the process or communication breaks down and I intervene seeking resolution. Both the Lead Member and Head of Parking Services assist where possible. Serco, our contractor is when appropriate held to account too.

Richard Jennings a respected  Chiswick resident will also assist too with his encyclopaedic knowledge of parking rules and Regulations.

The CW4 forum provides a valuable platform for locals who feel aggrieved  or who have been let down by poor service. It gives me valued feedback too. A couple of emails or a personal visit whilst I'm at the Civic  Centre often resolves issues but not always. Sometimes I'm sold a duff story which explodes in my face - but not very often.


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