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Topic: Re:Re:Parking Challenge
Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 26/05/15 18:29:00

"Make a formal appeal to the adjudicator"

Only if the process has got that far.  There are three stages for a PCN left on the vehicle:

1. PCN issued, challenge to council by email.
2. Notice to Owner issued, "representation" to council.
3. Notice of Rejection from council, appeal to adjudicator (PATAS).

I get the impression that Joshua is still at stage 1, perhaps with follow-up emails.  If so, he should await the Notice to Owner.

Joshua, if you would like further advice, I would need to see the PCNs, the email extending your permit, and the replies to your challenge from the council.  You can send them to me at  Which council - Hounslow or Ealing?

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