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Topic: Re:Parking ticket advise
Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 14/05/15 14:39:00

"He said he would cancel the ticket but then walked off. ... When I said I will call the police he backed down!"

I'm confused about what happened. In what sense did he back down?

If you have a PCN, or perhaps two PCNs from separate incidents, I would be very willing to advise on how best to handle them if you could send full details to me at  If possible, send scans or photos of the PCNs and the visitor permits.

My advice would be firstly to challenge any PCNs through the normal process before making a complaint to Hounslow/Serco about the way their staff are behaving.

Re Vanessa's suggestion:  Twitter is fine for some things, but I wouldn't use it to challenge a PCN. Was the quick response you mentioned in connection with a parking PCN?

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