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Topic: Re:Parking ticket advise
Posted by: Paul Corcoran
Date/Time: 14/05/15 10:51:00

He may cancel the ticket but if he doesn't at some point in the future the Council will send out a 'Notice to Owner'. It is not clear whether it is your car or that of your builder. If it is the latter then they may just be prepared to pay as the building trade now has the expectation of getting a number of PCNs a year. Don't feel guilty as they well pass the cost onto you one way or another.

If it is your car you would seem to have a strong basis for an appeal as long as you have kept the voucher with the details inked in. You probably would have to attend the appeal in person as you are presenting physical evidence but I can't see an adjudicator siding with a parking attendant who may or may not have photographic evidence.

An appeal on the basis of a missing hat or tie is unlikely to succeed as I don't think there are any cases in which these have worked. It is what in legal terms is called a de minimis consideration. You could submit a neighbour's witness statement that the attendant wasn't wearing a tie but it is unlikely to make much difference.

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