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Topic: Parking ticket advise
Posted by: Gabriella Newbold
Date/Time: 13/05/15 13:12:00

I am absolutely furious with parking warden 068! We have builders at the moment and I spent 200 on buying CC vouchers for their car to park outside our house. This is the second time they have ticketed the car claiming that I had written the details in pencil and so therefore it was forged! Clearly it is black pen which I brought to show him and all the old used ticket vouchers.He said he would cancel the ticket but then walked off. A passing member of public said that he was not in full uniform, as his tie was missing ,and so therefore invalid? I am going to write in to the Council but any advise? Its immoral and I do not like to be accused of forgery... When I said I will call the police he backed down!

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