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Posted by: Steve Taylor
Date/Time: 12/05/15 14:46:00

Mary Macleod was always easy to talk to, professional in her approach but with an excellent, if not mischievous,  sense of humour.   A real  lady. In a way she  may even be somewhat relieved that she no longer has to try talk some sense into those running our inept Council.

However, I fear that with the close margins in   Chiswick, Brentford, Isleworth and also Acton/ Ealing , Labour will be fearful of the future. With the latest attacks by senior Labour party members  on Ed Milliband as being too far left, it would seem that Labour will be looking to lead the party further right.

Hounslow will have to move fast to capture voters before their wings are clipped by future leadership  so they will be looking to build more social housing , bus in immigrants to support them, build more high rise flats to house  supporters. The uglyfication of Hounslow centre will indeed stretch across to Chiswick and Brentford which will embrace the uglyfication of Acton as the area north of the river enjoys its total red status with nothing blue inbetween to distract them.

Many residents will share the same views as the previous posters and will be looking to move to properly run boroughs.

Property prices will fall as people  clamber  to sell up and move to true blue areas.  Labour won’t care a jot..

Thanet Council will offer up fishing boats from Ramsgate  to assist people to ferry their household possessions across the river to Richmond, Barnes, Putney and Sheen (even Mortlake) . The Labour Council will offer unskilled workers £75 per hour on minimum 6 month fixed term contracts to assist people in loading up their boats, cars and cycles to get them across the river. They will be offered free housing in the mansions vacated by you for the full 6 months after which they will used to house the overflow from Feltham Detention Centre  and newly arrived immigrants who will be processed quickly for citizenship. Those immigrants will not be welcome in Thanet so Thanet council will do all it can to assist in an organised transfer to 'Labour London' 

Isleworth won’t be affected at all though. It will be left untouched as Hounslow Council has no idea that it actually exists. 

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