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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Google Maps changes
Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 10/05/15 23:46:00

"It used to be possible to enlarge or reduce a street level image through several clicks to get the desired size, now it seems to jump from too small to too large"

You can get a more gradual change in size by moving the mouse wheel one click at a time.  That seems to give 5 levels of zoom.  But zooming out using the '-' button gives you only 4 levels, and zooming in using the '+' button gives you only 3, i.e. just 2 clicks to go from min to max zoom.

What version of Windows are you using, and which browser (name and version number)?  If you've been forced into Lite mode, your experience could be different to mine.

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