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Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 05/05/15 10:38:00

The trouble is that the government passed the buck onto the councils saying that the same size doesn't fit all. So all the councils are doing something different.
It's also optional i.e. There is no personal cost to ourselves for not doing so.
House share students from different areas are confronted by a variety of containers with some making the effort and others not so it doesn't work and they just get on with student life. Why should they argue over something which isn't going to cost them anything?
When finding myself obliged to sort out the mayors waste strategy for London ( oh no! ) I had to work through vast piles of files from the Waste Authorities ( yes, there are some! ). Analyses, scenarios and percentages for meeting EU requirements. Quite frankly, a whole lot of twaddle.
How could anything so simple become so complicated?
Here in Chiswick we have one side of the road (Hounslow), the other side ( Ealing ) the end of the road ( H &F ) and further along Richmond. All doing something different.
We have the technology now and recycling is big business.
Time for a 21st century approach. No black sacks and clear addressed sacks for scanning and if containing recyclables we pay, would make a huge difference.

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