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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:BBC series on waste disposal
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 04/05/15 00:50:00

It's an important issue when we are required by the EU  to recycle 50% by 2020 or face huge fines.
I find it incredible that when we have the technology and processing that the economy is based on charitable offerings.
One of our neighbours, who has now moved, put out 30 black sacks every week, with a spectacular 45 at Christmas and we all, as tax payers, have to contribute to the cost.
It's obvious that it isn't going to happen unless we have to pay for not recycling it.
Some of the London boroughs are below 20% and H&F, K&C, Westminster and Southwark who all use the same system are only just above 20%.
There has been a remarkable difference in the High Road with all businesses now using contractors to collect from outside their premises every night. Not next to trees or on corners. Black sacks have been marked with a cross before being taken away for investigation. So we are making some progress.
Hounslows household collections are so comprehensive that 80% is easily achievable.

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