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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:BBC series on waste disposal
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 03/05/15 20:55:00

I want no rubbish.  Did you watch that film?  So much waste - one house had thirty - yes - THIRTY black sacks out after Christmas.  In that film there were lots of wheelie bins and a lot of the recycling ones were completely empty.  The reason?  They don't actually do the recycling for you - or encourage you to buy less and waste less. 

I was in Oxford a couple of days ago where they have wheelie bins.  I love gardens and there is this lovely Georgian terrace of town houses where there is one with a particularly beautiful small front garden.  Then the next one is slate chips and a large pot with a dead shrub in it (growing things in pots can be more difficult than you imagine).  Further along the terrace it is just a wheelie bin park.  So sad.  What about Greener Streets and the need to reduce the amount of air pollution by growing plants in our cities?

We have to fight against the heavy marketing that goes on to persuade us to buy more than we really want or need and continue to fight against excessive and unnecessary packaging.  (After all isn't that why plastic carrier bags were invented? Have you read The Perils of Plastic Amnesia?)


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